I walk down 24th Street almost everyday, and I recently noticed a shop starting to take over Triple Base during the gallery's summer hiatus. When the shop finally opened its doors, I was drawn in by the cute logo and catchy name, Fire Escape Farms.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a pop-up shop open June through August (just in time for summer), dedicated to urban gardening.

Coincidentally, it turns out that one of The Bold Italic's Found Locals, Shawn Gurczak, was the dude responsible for all the branding. Small world!

Fire Escape Farms sells everything you need to start your own farm in a small space. Whether it be a rooftop, windowsill, or even vertical gardening, this store has it all.

If the shop only had plants that water themselves I'd be set!




Fire Escape Farms also carries a large selection of heirloom seeds designed for use in compact spaces.

And to top it off, the store offers delivery by bio-diesel wagon for all San Francisco orders.


Fire Escape offers classes on how to start you own small farm. The next class is this Sunday, June 19th, from noon-2 Workshop, where you'll learn the basics of starting your own edible container garden and go home with two planted window boxes. Sounds pretty awesome.