Disclaimer: No portrait contained herein is meant to accurately depict what someone looks like. Everyone portrayed here is far better looking in person, especially Mr. Justice, who I understand isn't actually composed of blobs of screen ink. I hope all Bold Italic readers recognize a blogger they know and love, even if they’ve never met the person beyond the computer screen. 

The folks featured here are a few of my favorites. (Nepotism was definitely involved.) 

This is a handful of some of SF's best. The brightest. The bloggers.  

They love SF. And in turn, we love them. 


I have been following Allan Hough of Mission Mission since I lived in the Mission, which is to say before the blog existed, which is to say that was a lie, but I’ve been following him for a very long time. Allan and his crew keep tabs on the most vibrant 'hood in town and deliver those tabs in multiple daily doses, double-dipped, always a good trip. Thank you, Allan, for being my meta-Mission dealer forever.


Speaking of hand muscles, Ms. Anna Pulley deserves more props than she can pop off for her excellent writing on sex, lesbionics, and personal liberation. Her Dear Anna column on SFWeekly.com and the advice she gives on AfterEllen.com are what every girl needs, and every boy (and boi) should heed.


I have no idea what I would do without the SFist, which basically means I don’t know what I would do without Brock Keeling. I would officially like to thank Brock for bringing me news about things that matter, in the only city that matters, in a way that matters, to the only person that matters: me. Which is to say: a true SF approach.


Dear Burrito Justice: I wanted to draw an algorithmically patterned map from my heart to you, or show you archival images of my expression when I first found your Twitter feed, but I have no idea who you are, where you live, or how you'd get here. Meet me at Sutro at midnight. Wear a mask so I recognize you. To those of you who do not follow Mr. Justice’s blog, the above might seem simply like a geeked-out love letter. It is, in fact, code for what lies behind the burrito – a nerdy dedication to all things SF, and all the ways of understanding this small city we call home.


Isaac, last night at Clooney's, I think I told you how great you are. Or was it Bender's? Or Zeitgeist? It matters not. You drank me under the table (again) and I barely remember what happened after you ordered those damn red beers. I do, however, remember that you promised you would never leave SF. And we are all holding you to that. The Rumpus would not be the best literary site on the Internet were it not for you and your tireless work to get the best books, poetry, art, sex, and unpopular culture the attention it deserves. You are a walking, writing, rump-bumping, well-read bear hug. And for this – and so much more – we thank you. 


The Urban Dictionary describes a "Kevmo" as:

A rare specimen of male human that consumes and destroys everything in its path. Kevmos are extremely intelligent, fast, and versatile creatures, but they also consume copious amounts of alcohol and illicit drugs, slowing them down greatly. They have little respect for rules and the government, and have been incarcerated more than once. Most Kevmos were dropped on their heads as children, but this only improved the density of their skulls. Their anatomy is built like industrial machinery, running off gallons of Bacardi 151. 

How can I say it better? I’ll add this: Kevin, you're great. Your blog, Uptown Almanac, delivers never-ending snippets of SF life everywhere outside of center and left of middle. And I know your hair looks weird in the drawing. I painted it brown by mistake and tried to fix it in the computer and totally screwed it up. Sorry. 


Laura, aka Vegansaurus, manages to make the vegan life look good. The food on her site reminds me of the one night a year ago I tried to cook dinner. Except her food probably tastes much, much better. And doesn't harm any animals. Including those sitting around the table.


Living in SF means ... knowing and loving and relating to Mr. Broke-Ass Stuart. Once a backpacking Lonely Planet-er, Stuart has settled down in SF – minus the settling down part. If there is a cheap way to have a good time in any town, Stuart's found it. And we all need to thank him for it. (Thank you, Stuart.)


Victoria Smith – or maybe you know her as SF Girl By Bay is seriously one of the most stylish people I know, and in a good way. For those of you who move your newly recovered chair back and forth across a room 12 times before settling on just the right angle, Victoria is you, but better. She culls the best of design from all over the world and delivers it in a clean, gorgeous package. Every. Damn. Day.