Monica Canilao (left) being interviewed by Nikki Grattan

Our editorial intern, Nikki Grattan, is one talented, understated lady. Besides writing stories for The Bold Italic and curating Mix Tape Mondays on The Blog, she also has her own project that she's quietly been working on since March 2011. In The Make is a website that she and her friend, photographer Klea McKenna, created to document their visits with artists and designers in their studios. Nikki interviews the artists while Klea takes the photos. So far, they've stopped in to chat with such talented Bay Area artists as Chris Duncan, Linda Geary, and Monica Canilao. Just this Monday, they interviewed Chris Fraser, who was recently featured in Bay Area Now and whose light installation made an appearance in our photo essay, Meditations on San Francisco. In January, Nikki and Klea will expand their reach to folks in L.A., and they hope to someday expand to visit others in New York and elsewhere.


Linda Geary in her studio

Nikki and Klea have been friends for eight years, but In the Make "just happened kind of spontaneously," Nikki tells me. "We look at a lot of fashion blogs that look at women in their homes or in their closets. We like these blogs and thought, 'What if we did this, but with artists in their studios?'" Although Klea went to CCA for school, Nikki doesn't have any formal visual art background, which is part of the reason Nikki writes up the interviews. The profiles are thoughtfully written and can be understood and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether you studied art. 


Chris Duncan at work

Most of the artists Nikki and Klea meet for In the Make come through recommendations from other artists, but sometimes they'll see a show or randomly come across someone's work online and reach out to them. "People have been really receptive," Nikki explains. 

In the Make is updated weekly, with new interviews going up on Mondays.

All photos by Klea McKenna, courtesy of In the Make