Today, I had a slice of fresh, warm pumpernickel bread for the first time, ever. And it's not for lack of wanting – It's just that I've been gluten-free since the age of eight. Since then, I've eaten my way through a lot of gluten-free bread, some delicious, some not so much.

Baking bread without gluten is notoriously difficult, especially if you want to use nutritious, whole grains. Which is why I was so curious to meet Sadie Scheffer of Bread Srsly, who makes beautiful, healthy, gluten-free breads in amazing varieties like sourdough pumpernickel and whole-grain orange cardamom.

I met up for a recipe test in Sadie's kitchen, where she does her experimenting.


Today she's testing a new pumpernickel recipe using teff, millet, and sorghum flours.


Sadie grinds her own grains (there's also some caraway and coriander in there). 


The experimental component of this loaf: coffee! 


Dough, all ready to go.


All of Sadie's fresh-baked gluten-free (and vegan!) delights are delivered by bike. Business has been so good that she's organized a small fleet of bike delivery girls – before that, she was clocking 100+ miles a week on her own two wheels. 


The final loaf. It was so...good. Even the gluten eaters in the office raved about it. 

Check Sadie's website for next week's loaves (she makes new varieties each week) and order by Monday at noon. Also, she'll be serving up delicious sandwiches at the Yerba Buena Center tomorrow at 11:30. 

And if you've been curious about a life without gluten, read up on SF gluten freedom in Bold Local Antonia Richmond's guide to gluten-free eats in SF.