The first time you smoked pot, it was probably from your brother’s friend who bought it from some shady dude who drove an IROC-Z and sold you an eighth of stems mixed with oregano. Well, that was then, and this is now. With age comes sophistication, even beyond the ubiquitous “kind bud” blend that delivers grogginess and a mean case of the munchies. 

Marijuana design has advanced quite a bit in response to the growing number of people using the plant for medical treatment. Some truths are consistent: Sativas will keep you awake and indicas will put you to sleep, but beyond that, the sky’s the limit. You can now completely customize your buzz. I know a dude who swears he spoke with his dead grandma on Dark Star. Happy (legal) smoking, friends.


Great for head pain and insomnia, PoG will knock you out and keep you out. Perfect if you want to be one with the couch for a day.


Good for focus. If you need to be out and about in the world getting shit done, ISS will make it happen.


Ideal if you need to laugh with friends, this high will bring you up and make you talkative and giddy.


Rumored to be Bob Marley's favorite strain, Lamb’s Bread will help you to be highly focused and get shit done – You’ll feel relaxed, confident, and creative.


This favorite classic is great for stress relief and will leave you fully functional. Enjoy with coffee for a happy, productive day.


A really long, lazy high. Great for pain, as it knocks you out. If you can stay awake, it’ll help you finally appreciate Shaolin movies.



Great for tapping into your creative energy and for jam sessions of any kinds. A goofy, happy buzz.


Full body buzz, loosens you up and calms you down. CCK can help even the biggest stressball unwind.


Doesn’t stimulate the appetite so it’s good if you’re afraid of eating yourself into a muumuu. A great daytime high; it will make you uplifted and energized.


Fast and hard hitting, Romulan produces an amazing sleep after about an hour. Do not try to move, it will only freak you out.


Brings intense feelings of peacefulness. A great daytime strain – very relaxed but won’t put you to sleep.


Fantastic for headaches and muscle pain. Extremely potent – will leave you so calm you can’t help but doze off. 


Good for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Gives you a heavy body and deep thoughts. Not good if you want to be productive in any way.


Deep, relaxing high that’s very therapeutic – fantastic for any body pain and insomnia.


Eases the mind and has mild psychedelic effects. Puts you into a trance and leaves you feeling mighty groovy. Bonus: Relieves menstrual cramps.


This story originally ran in Volume 3 of The Bold Italic magazine –  SF By Design  – which is available for purchase as a single issue or with a subscription.


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