Did you ever see those "What's in My Bag" video features that Amoeba Music has up on their site (like this one with Grimes)? The editor of those snippets, Joey Izzo (who was also a 2012 NYFF selectee) has partnered with local comedian Chris Garcia to create a heartfelt little project shot right here in SF. At Secret Studios in the Mission, to be exact. It's very School of Rock-gone-Mission hipster  –  just the right combination of cute and cynical.


I also asked Joey and Chris for a little insight about the film and their future plans. 

TBI: What inspired the film?

Joey Izzo: Something very similar happened to me when I was a kid. While receiving my first bass guitar lesson, my instructor got in a vicious fight with his girlfriend. It was very embarrassing to witness, especially at such a young age.  The memory always stuck with me and I just thought Chris would do a great job with the material and and develop it much further than my fleeting memory.

TBI: Any musings on the film scene in SF? 

JI: I've found that most writer/directors tend to be alone a lot of the time, writing at a desk. You tend to be quite cut off from the day-to-day politics of local filmmaking until production finally gets underway. It's hard to make narratives up here and so the people who are doing it successfully tend to be hardworking, multitalented artists with a sophisticated approach to story and aesthetics.  

TBI: What's next for you?

Chris Garcia: In terms of filmmaking, Joey and I are discussing a few upcoming projects, including a second Bass Instructor film. I'm primarily a stand up comedian, though, so I perform several nights a week. I'll be headlining the San Francisco Punchline Monday, July 23rd as a farewell show before I move to Los Angeles in August.

JI: I'm in pre-production for a short, coming-of-age horror film that I've written and plan on directing next winter.  But in the meantime, I'd also like to work with more local comedians and artists in a similar fashion, making semi-short, naturalistic videos that approach dramatic material with a tinge of humor and sympathy. 

There you have it! Keep an eye out for the next edition of Bass Instructor and bid Chris farewell on the 23rd before he leaves SF for good!