You're having one of those nights. A quick drink turns into many, and your weary, inebriated self needs some sustenance before (inevitably) failing to hail a cab and stumbling toward the comfort of your apartment. The problem? San Francisco seems to have some kind of vendetta against drunchies and other late-night cravings, 'cause god knows it's difficult to find some half-decent vegan pad thai at two in the morning. 

Last weekend we Tweeted about the handy new iPhone app by TBI friend Marcia Gagliardi, aka the Tablehopper. People, this may be the cure to all your misguided quests for fare in the wee hours! Sure, most eateries shutter for the night around 10 p.m., but there's a good handful of 'em that sympathize with hungry twilight wanderers. The GPS-enabled Tablehopper app gathers all of them in one place and saves the aimless trek for less urgent and hangry times. 


This little gem of an app lists over 100 eateries that stay open until 11 p.m. and onward – from trendy restaurants like Nopa and Magnolia, to hole-in-the wall haunts throughout the city. How this didn't exist before, I have no idea, but now we can make sure there's something in our bellies to soak up the juice before we call it a night.