Ape Done Good

Nov 02, 2012 at 1pm

Yesterday I visited Ape Do Good, a screen printing shop in the Mission, to check out our Dinner-Party-In-A-Box as it was being printed. 


Ape Do Good lives behind a roll-up garage door on 15th Street. It was a treat to get a peek behind the scenes; there was so much going on in there! Lots of projects to see and lots of ink fumes to smell.


This is the machine they are using to print all 1,000 of our boxes. You can see the screen with our design on the top part of the printing press.


This is our fearless print team! Here we see Chris and Alyssa running the press and checking their work, while Anthony moves hundreds of our boxes around. I was impressed by their flow and timing. Printing a run of 1,000 in such a small space is an organizational challenge, and they've got it down to a science.


Each box gets registered (lined up properly) by hand. Here's one hot off the press.


Finally, the finished boxes in the drying rack. All in all, a superb press check! Thanks so much to Anthony and his team for such a beautiful job. Now all we gotta do is fold 'em and fill 'em up. 

Dinner-Party-In-A-Box will go on sale in The Bold Italic Shop on Nov. 15. Find out more about what's inside here.

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