Gimme 5: Haight's Growing Music Scene, Muni Justice, VOTE!, and Help the East Coast

Nov 02, 2012 at 12am

Image courtesy of NASA

Facebook is flooded with sympathy notes to East Coast friends living through Hurricane Sandy's hell. But an e-note followed by your Facebook post about the "WORLD SERIES CHAMPS 2012 ERMAHGERD" won't do shit. So instead of feeling sorry for everyone for two minutes on the internet – donate some time or money or love to people actually cleaning up the mess. (via SFist)

Sandy isn't quite the diplomat either; the massive force of nature may delay the presidential election scheduled for Tuesday. There's talk that election day could be postponed so the millions of people without power can participate. But if the East Coast can't vote, make sure you do because your vote will count double. (HuffPo)

Justice was served this week when a man was photographed shattering a Muni bus windshield with a metal barricade during the World Series celebration. He was identified in a journalist's photo and arrested. The dude's friends and family said he must have gotten "caught up in the moment." Question is why did a moment of victory turn so violent? (via SFGate)

Rasputin opened its doors on Haight Street Wednesday. The music shop is not only on the same street as Upper Haight's musical institution Amoeba, it's a hop and a jump away two blocks down. Some may wonder if these two can co-exist peacefully, but they've been doin' it on Telegraph in Berkeley for years. (via Uppercasing)

It feels like Halloween has stretched over two weeks and tbh, we're ready to move on. Finally, the city has signaled the arrival of the winter holidays (a Christmas tree lot popped up on Market and Sanchez) and we have a reason to sip on mulled wine (see: The Front Porch). 

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