If there's one thing about me that hasn't changed since childhood, it's my affinity for milkshakes. I love them and even as my lactose tolerance goes out the window with age, I still risk irritable bowels to chug the cold delight. So when I heard about the Manhattan Shake at The Corner Store, I knew I had to try it.

Replacing Hukilau on the corner of Geary and Masonic, The Corner Store is an American-themed kitchen, bar, and fountain with a fancy twist. As for their bar, the menu consists of a handful of your classic cocktails as well as fountain-inspired adult drinks made with ice cream and/or some of their house-made syrups. 

I walked in on a slow Sunday afternoon to try the drink out. When I ordered the shake, the bartender jokingly groaned, "That's the most annoying drink to make." After watching him carefully scoop and meticulously measure vanilla ice cream, sweet vermouth, cherry syrup, and bourbon, before blending all the ingredients together, I totally understood why. When he was finally finished making my drink, he handed me a cocktail-sized Manhattan Shake garnished with a cherry on top.

It looked pretty, but what did it taste like? The sweet vermouth, cherry syrup, and ice cream lent a sweet taste that reminded me of childhood, while the bourbon gave a nice kick that snapped me back to adulthood. I was finished with it before I knew it.

I imagine sipping two of these things would give you a crazy sugar high... and a nice buzz. That sure beats anything I did as a kid.