This is the maiden voyage our new caption series; upcoming contests will be posted on Facebook for submissions and winners will be announced on the site. Like us on FB and keep an eye out for your chance to publicly showcase your wit and win some week-spicing prizes.

This week's winner: Well, it's not entirely clear how a collection of liquid water droplets suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface can use Facebook (or nail down solid internet connection for that matter), but Karl the Fog is the winner of our first caption contest (see his entry above). He'll soon be recipient of our Dinner-Party-in-a-Box! Maybe he can use it to impress a date in his quest for love

Runners up:

Sergeant Sniffles had worked for the SFPD for 10 years. He had sniffed out bombs, cadavers and helped locate lost children. Until that fateful day on MUNI, when he smelled everyones ass at once and promptly exploded.     - Parker T. Gibbs

Rectum? Damn near killed 'em. - Brendan Dooley

"I don't care if he *is* a prophet — Elijah can put his bike gear on his lap: he's taking up two seats!" - Scott Witthoft

"I don't think that's a candy bar..." - Oak EL

"Ooh, a line, I better get in it." - Matthew Sletten

Illustration by Brad Amorosino.

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