Prepare your eyes for the most adorable thing you'll see all week.

Meet Sam, the first river otter to take up residence in San Francisco in more than 50 years. Sam has recently made the Sutro Baths his new home and city residents are all aflutter about their cute new neighbor.


Sutro Sam – as he has been dubbed by his fans – was first spotted by bird-watchers in late September at the ruins of the old swimming house. But no one is quite sure where Sam came from or why he ended up in SF – although the huge amount of goldfish in the baths probably enticed him. Whatever the reason, we hope he's here to stay.


At the end of the day, visitors to the baths can watch the adorable creature reveling in his title as the only otter in San Francisco.

For more information about Sutro Sam and other river otters in the Bay Area, visit riverotterecology.org

All photos by Jouko van der Krujissen. See more of his photos of Sutro Sam here.