The beer will always be bloomin' at Magnolia. Just blocks from the birthplace of jam bands and not showering, you'll find a hearty and dynamic beer menu to rain free love down your gullet. Should you become hungry, the munchables here are exceptional.
The password is delicious. Prohibition is one of the richest beers you'll find and has taken medals in a couple world beer competitions. The brewery serves its film noir inspired offerings during happy hour, but to save a trip out to Hunters Point, any San Francisco bar worth its suds carries at least one offering from Speakeasy.
Despite the Mission's love for all things craft, Southern Pacific is one of the few microbrews holding down the fort in the land of skinny jeans. After poaching some of the minds behind Speakeasy Brewery, Southern Pacific has quickly built a solid following for its evolving list of beers.
An homage to the country's greatest piece of recreational legislation, the 21A offers a landing pad after work and a launching pad before every Giants home game. History buffs will love that this beer's name was inspired by Paul Revere's midnight ride – but any fan of Angus Young will shake a pint all night long as well.
For non-San Franciscans, Anchor is perhaps the city’s most iconic local brewery. It began its modern bottling operation in the mid-'70s, making Anchor an old-timer in American Microbrew Years. And if that's not street cred enough, the brewery claims Anchor Steam was first devised in 1896.
Don't blow past this unassuming  spot on your way to the beach. The beer list may be short, but it covers a sprawling territory, so any thirsty surfer will walk away happy. But beware, this tricky devil may leave you swerving on your way out. Best to stop in on your way home.
Stumble out of work, stumble in here. "The Bear," as it's often called, not only rocks a healthy roster of brews, but plays the role of sports bar with bountiful TVs, pool, and darts upstairs. You can also pick your poison with a plank of samplers.
Not bad. You get to decide between gazing at the Pacific or kicking up your feet in lawn chairs. The Chalet certainly offers the city's most scenic brewery surroundings, not to mention plenty of frosty rewards for your trip to the outside lands.
No, you don't need mismatched socks or a unique hobby to enjoy a PBR in Mission Dolores Park. (Though a brown bag isn't a bad idea.) The park transforms into the Mission's outdoor nerve center on warm weekends (and, curiously, most weekdays) and you'd be hard-pressed to walk past more than a few single-speeds before finding a cooler overflowing with red, white, and blue cans.
We’ve found all types of beers being consumed on our way to the Pacific, but the red bullet is typically the go-to when grabbing 12 en route to sloshball or bocce.
Doesn't matter whether this place is a bar or a beer store. You can find strange brews here – and pop them on the spot should the moment move you.
If you're not looking for it, you'd miss the place or think it’s just another corner store, but this hidden gem will service all of your frothy desires. Ask the staff questions about your favorite brew type if you want a quick PhD on the subject.
Monk’s Kettle houses perhaps the city's most international beer list. It doesn’t brew its own, but if you choose to stop in for a burger or a fancy cheese plate, you'll find the menu brings rich brews from around the globe right to your fingertips.
This legendary watering hole doesn't make any of its own beer, but thirsty scholars can find a train schedule–sized menu sure to carry their favorite varieties. Owner "Big Daddy" Dave Keene fathered enough of San Francisco's beer scenes that Speakeasy Brewery named its most popular beer after him.
One of the few joints where you can down a beer while rubbing elbows against Armani and tattoo ink, the spacious beer garden draws all types. And with that comes an extensive beer list and reasonably priced pitchers. Just don't piss off the hamburger cooks. And get a tamale.
If you haven't pounded beer from a giant glass boot, well, what are you waiting for? Suppenküche reps a solid central European beer list and provides all the right chalices to down those beers. Not to mention you get to do it while slamming your mugs (and fists) on long wooden banquet tables.
It wouldn't be San Francisco without some DIY crew on the list. BrewLab organizes underground beermasters to trade secrets, and every once in a while to put their concoctions up against one another. These are the owners of the next cool microbrewery.
Food trucks can’t have all the fun. This suds-on-hubs operation carts the best local brewers (and sometimes winemakers) around the city showing off their latest concoctions. Pretty nice when delicious beer drives to you.

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