Working Title is an awesome new video podcast presented by Little Paper Planes & KQED. This series of mini-documentaries is the brain child of hosts, Kelly Lynn Jones of LPP and Andrew Martin Scott, co-owner of Needles and Pens. The show combines interviews, essays, articles, and thoughts from the hosts to tell the stories of local artists. 

The show strives to examine and possibly critique what it means to be successful as a creative person. Andrew explained that "it seems like the traditional American Dream involves the idea of success being based upon how much one owns – a big house, a new car, etc. To me, I'm more interested in a life filled with personal creative contributions that hopefully have a positive impact on the world around me."

The first episode features charismatic local artist, Jay Nelson, who taught himself how to build beautiful tree houses and also creates imaginative alternative vehicles, paintings, and drawings that we've gushed over before. The episode explores other parts of Jay's life including surfing, his dog, and his super chill disposition. If anyone can convince me that living in a tree is the American dream, it's this guy. 

The show is also a refreshingly accessible way of learning more about the Bay Area's thriving creative community. People talk a big game about appreciating artists and makers, but actually becoming acquainted with local art can be an intimidating task. Kelly and Andrew's closeness to the show's subjects makes their insight all the more helpful.

Lastly, the brevity of the podcast is ideal for viewers with busy schedules who may already follow several podcasts. You might not immediately head over to the lumber yard to build a rickshaw, but this could be the motivation you've been needing to paint your friggin kitchen already. Kelly and Andrew both seem optimistic about the show's possibilities and Kelly said, "hopefully it could inspire someone who has been wanting to take the next leap into what they truly want to do with their life, but hasn't yet." Right on, Working Title. Can't wait to see what's next!