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Jan 30, 2013 at 1pm

Mason jars have made a comeback in a big way over the past few years. From light fixtures, to bathroom storage, to elaborate hanging vases, the possibilities are endless. They have always had a place in the kitchen, but the newest fad of entire meals in a jar is getting a little out of control. Last week, the issue of whether or not this is actually a fad was brought up for debate. However, considering it is almost impossible to get through a Pinterest feed or Food Gawker without someone telling you how a mason jar can make your life infinitely easier, it looks as though this trend might be here to stay. 

There are some really awesome practical uses like Bar Jars' new idea of crafting bar snacks in a jar and selling them at some of the top spots in the city like Blackbird, The Barrel Room, and Reed and Greenough. 


Photo by Bar Jars.

The four-ounce jars come in a variety of flavors like fava bean hummus and pimento cheese all priced between $6 and $10. Although your Poached Pear cocktail at Blackbird may seem like a meal, after your third it might be time to put something solid in your stomach.  

Baking things in jars is all the rage these days and some of the ideas are pretty cool, like these whole wheat buttermilk biscuits.


Photo from Simple Bites. 

Or these mini pumpkin pies.


Photo from The Nerd's Wife

But then there are those questionable jarred sweets, like this diabetes-inducing-coma of a cake. Pretty, but really, who needs that much artificial dye? 


Photo from Babble.

While the idea seems to be pissing some people off, others are choosing it as their business model.


Photo from thedieline.

Some of these ideas are, I guess, kinda sorta smart. But just because you can put something into a jar doesn't mean it should be! So many of these ideas take a parfait layering approach, which to me seems sort of impossible to eat. Have people forgotten about bowls? Those can be useful too, and you can actually, and easily get to the bottom of your dish. 

Why do you need a slider in a jar?


Photo by Big Red Kitchen. 

Or a corn dog in a jar?


Photo by Big Red Kitchen

Well it's official, this "mason jar meal" is an actual fad and if things continue in this manner who knows what is next.

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