MacworldMacworld/ iWorld is about to be all up in San Francisco. It reminds me a little of an adult Disneyland or if Disneyland's Tomorrowland was less lame. Speaking of tomorrow, starting Wednesday Jan. 30 through Saturday Feb. 2, Moscone Center will be filled with Apple vendors, leaders in fields I don't fully understand, and probably at least one fanny pack – it's a convention center, after all. 

Like any good tradeshow, Macworld's Expo Hall will host hundreds of different exhibitors with tons of new products to show off, but since the next four days can't be all phone cases shaped like turtles, there's some cooler stuff too:

There will be a iPhoneography gallery from famous iPhoneographers Wednesday morning. If you're wondering, an iPhoneographer is a person with an iPhone and above average self confidence.

On Thursday, Ashton Kutcher and that guy who plays Steve Wozniak will be giving a talk about their experiences playing famous tech personalities. Have your questions about acting out Jobs's acid trips ready.

Later on Thursday, will be talking to Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson about why either of them have a job. I guess it makes a little bit of sense that will be there since he has a line of $478 iPhone camera cases. Wait, no it doesn't.

Friday there will be an iPhone film festival and a talk with Fred Armisen. Armisen played Steve Jobs once upon a Saturday Night Live and is apparently also a technophile. 

Otherwise there will be geeks in town til Saturday, ladies.