Uber and The Bold Italic Present: Romance On-Demand

Feb 11, 2013 at 1pm

Oh Valentine's Day. You come but once a year and yet there are few other holidays that evoke such fear and stress for both the single and betrothed. "Is my gift good enough?" "Will my love be both surprised and inspired?" And the most important question, "Will my gift make said loved one want to immediately jump into bed?" Few gifts can answer all of these questions, but lucky for you we have such a gift.

Enter Romance On-Demand. 

A partnership between Uber and The Bold Italic that is sure to take your Valentine's Day to the next level. 

The idea is simple: Between noon and 5 p.m. this Thursday Feb. 14, summon Uber on your phone using the iPhone app or Android app, click on the heart and choose the "Romance" car type. Select the location of the car delivery, confirm "Romance On-Demand" for $150, and voilà your epic, amazing, awe-inspiring Valentine's Day gift is on the way. A car will be delivered to your sweetie with a dozen roses, a gift package, and a soulful serenade from one of San Francisco's finest artists

Surprising? Check. Inspiring? Check. Bootie inducing? Double Check. 

Best of all you won't have to do this all alone. Once the purchase is confirmed you will be assigned an Uber Romance Representative to facilitate any specifics, pictures, and special requests. 

UberbandphotoWe have rounded up a stellar lineup of artists that will be on call for serenading your sweetie. A full list of artists and the available songs can be found here. To name a few The Ramshackle Romeos featuring Jamin Barton with Doug Hilsinger will be singing hits by Neil Diamond, soulful crooner Quinn DeVeaux will harmonize for your honey, and Billy and Dolly will be performing pop classics in their acoustic style. 

All the details can be found on Uber's Blog

Happy Valentine's Day and remember this day is supposed to be fun not stressful. Despite what you may think, love is actually good for you. 

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