Lately, my Instagram feed has been all about iMadeFace. iMadeFace is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to create super stylized avatars. It's the #1 free app in more than 30 countries (I guess some hairstyles are universally cute). While everyone's making iMadeFaces these days, every Face I've seen looks nothing like its creator, whether intentional or not. I think it's awkward to be less cute than a cartoon version of yourself for the same reason being the sister of a Victoria Secret Angel must be awkward. 

I downloaded the app to see if this mismatch is because people have no idea what they actually look like or if the app's choices for avatars are so iconic that no one can accurately depict themselves unless they are already look like an icon, like Anna Wintour or everyone I've ever met who goes to art school. After using the app and ending up making something that looked more like an Oompa Loompa than me, here are some reasons people look so little like their iMadeFace selves:


1. People are not cartoons

It's easy to forget, especially when people use emojis like they're going out of style (Are they?). iMadeFace is slightly more human-like than past avatar crazes like these lego heads, the South Park avatar creator, or the Mad Men yourself app, but it still makes everyone look like Kat Von D.


2. People are not as hot as they want to be

This app has very few jawlines that aren't chiseled, hair styles that aren't perfect, and skin tones that aren't entirely one color. I found myself rationalizing that my iMadeFace is just a really good version of me. It could be me sometime in the future, when I start wearing false eyelashes, get more tan, dye my hair pink, get a face tattoo, and have some chin surgery. Nothing crazy.


3. People don't normally make such flirty faces

I had a hard time seeing any resemblance between some people and their iMadeFace selves because I have literally never seen them make weird sultry smirks before. Can we stop that, guys?


4. It wasn't designed for you to make a self portrait

At least not necessarily. The iMadeFace app description mentions self portraits, but only after suggesting it's great for making comics and adding images of people in your address book (the final icon is the right dimensions of an address book picture). iMadeFace even says the app could be good for making caricatures of people you hate, if that doesn't tell you anything. 


5.  Accuracy might not be the point

I get that. I haven't ruled out that you know you look nothing like your creation and I'm just being a dick. If people find it more fun to make an alter-ego, that's cool. Just don't try and tell me your alter-ego has all the same coloring as you, but with cooler glasses and a thinner nose. Oh, and don't put single at the bottom. Max Awk.