Caption Contest Winner: Line Edition

Feb 19, 2013 at 6am

Our second caption contest ran on Facebook yesterday, and once again, the winning submission has to do with urine. Congratulations Nicole Calasich, who has won our Dinner-Party-in-a-Box

Upcoming contests will be posted on Facebook for submissions and winners will be announced on the site. Like us on FB and keep an eye out for the next chance to publicly showcase your wit and win something fancy.


"This isn't what I imagined when you asked me to do a line with you." – Wendy Steiner

"Open house, brunch, concert, or soup kitchen?...Let's critique their outfits and decide!" – Whitney Marsh

"Look, I already told you: This line starts at Boogaloos, but eventually links up with Tartine and ends at Bi Rite Creamery. By that time our table will be ready at Flour and Water." – Parker T Gibbs

"And here we see the Missionus Apartmenthunterus in its native habitat: the open house line." – Adrian Elliot

Illustration by Brad Amorosino.

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