Tony Campos' Epic Backyard Skate Ramp

Mar 15, 2013 at 6am

Tony Campos has become an icon in the San Francisco BMX scene. He took off on a bike without training wheels for the first time when he was a kid and hasn't looked back since.


Having a ramp in his backyard gave him the freedom to ride every day and allowed him to develop his signature style.



Tucked away in the Excelsior District, that ramp has long been a destination spot for many BMX riders in the know. He hand-built his setup with his father and they collectively put years into making it a reality. What started off with a simple mini-ramp quickly grew and eventually covered every inch of the Campos' backyard.


The Campos clan embodies the DIY SF lifestyle and they've built a community around their unique home. They are open to visitors, but request that you give them advance notice first. If you go, be sure to bring cold beers and death metal tracks on your iPod, and remember to respect their neighbors.

Note: Check out more of WEREHAUS's work here and on their YouTube channel.


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