Disposable Film Festival 2013: A Sneak Peak

Mar 20, 2013 at 1pm

These days, it's become easier for you to become an internet phenomenon with nothing more than the camera and video capabilities on your phone (We shouldn't even call our mobile devices "phones" anymore, since most of us rarely use ours to actually talk into.). That is essentially the idea behind the San Francisco Disposable Film Festival, sans the phenom part. No fancy equipment is necessary to make an epic, beautiful piece of art. Take last year's winner for example, Clement Deneux from France. What starts as a found footage party scene quickly turns into something much more dramatic and considerably darker. And it was entirely shot with an iPhone. 


This year's program promises to be equally awesome. Take a look at this exclusive video "What's Cookin?" directed by Noah Banks aka BankShot. Noah has an ability to showcase people in real situations and evoke an impressive emotion (Check out his reel here.). But for this video, he swapped out his human subjects for stop motion vegetables (complete with a little grill on a bell pepper) rapping the lines from almost every famous emcee out there. 


The food theme of this video is a nod to the direction that the Disposable Film Festival is taking this year, its sixth season. The fest will focus on how we consume food, the role it plays in our lives, and the massive topic of food justice. Speaking of which, on Friday, March 22 the Disposable Film Festival and Pie Ranch are hosting the Just Food Screening + Dinner. There will be a multi-course meal by Chef Karl Holl of Perbacco as well as the cocktail stylings of Christopher Jurach. The menu of what sounds like a drool inducing meal can be found here

While the main focus of the Disposable Film Festival are the movies, there is so much more to offer, with lectures, classes, panels, and expos to round out the nerdiest of film nerd. Find a full list of events here.

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