The boob mug is perhaps the most requested mug at Eddie's Cafe. If you are lucky enough to snag it for that critical cup of morning coffee to wash down your eggs and grits, heed this pro tip: Sip only from the left side, so as not to dribble (I learned the hard way).
Located on Divisadero at Fulton, Eddie's has been a neighborhood fixture for more than 30 years. It’s the go-to spot for a good old-fashioned breakfast for the right price and draws a mix of locals, Alamo Square tourists, and hardcore regulars. The food is classic American but the vibe is homegrown funky.
Originally established as a soul food restaurant, the owners Min and Helen Hwang took it over in the late ’80s and switched to diner breakfast fare to meet the demands of the changing neighborhood. Soon after, they started their mug collection, which grew to be delightfully eclectic and now numbers in the hundreds with about 50 in service rotation. The collection contains many souvenir mugs from around the world and the U.S. (FYI, the two Dakotas, Nebraska, and Iowa are needed to complete the 50 states).
Min and Helen cheerfully showed me their mini-collection of anthropomorphic mugs that are set aside for kids, and employees pointed out their personal favorites (Min's is the boob mug). The restaurant also showcases an array of collectible plates, San Francisco knickknacks, sticker decals, and artwork from customers. Chipped mugs are often retired from service, but remain lovingly displayed around the restaurant. And where do Min and Helen find all these mugs? They pick them up on various trips, and most are brought in by customers. If you have a weird and wonderful mug to add to the collection, you can bring it by – it should be noted that Min and Helen only accept the sturdy ones, as their mugs receive lots of love daily.