Photo Courtesy of New Line Cinema 

We've long wondered whether GIRLS or Sex and the City could take place in San Francisco rather than New York. And while we've decided that Hannah and Carrie should probably stay on their own coast, SF soon might have our own coveted HBO drama – and it'll probably be better anyway. 

HBO was caught filming a gay mashup of GIRLS and Sex and the City set in the Mission (it almost sounds too good to be true) last week around the city. The comedic pilot was written by Michael Lannan and stars Jonathan Groff of Glee. Crews were spotted in Flour + Water, Zuni, and Golden Gate Park. 

The story records the trials and tribulations of three friends – an artist, a restaurateur, and a game developer – while they live out their lives in San Francisco's trendiest neighborhood. The show also calls for various "upscale hipsters" – who have yet to be cast. It seems like HBO is really trying to nail 30-something San Franciscan, and I'm sure they'll have no problem finding willing candidates. 

I can only hope that Lannan and HBO will take a hint from the criticism surrounding season 1 of GIRLS and try to make this new coming of age story a little more ethnically diverse – and I don't mean a scene of them sitting around eating a burrito. San Francisco is still known nationally for its diversity and the Mission is a historically Hispanic neighborhood (even if it is filled with white yuppies now) – so I don't think that a minority main character is too much to ask for. I just don't think that a story of three upperclass, white, gay males is all that original. 

If the network likes the pilot, crews will be back in the fall to film the first season, which will air in 2014. 

At least HBO finally realized that San Francisco is better/funnier/sexier/gayer than New York.