In honor of Bike to Work Day, we're showing off what everyone rides into the office. Here's your chance to check out the bikes and babes of The Bold Italic. 



Bike: I ride the cutest little '70s Peugeot.

Route: I live right on the Wiggle by Duboce Park, but I barely get to use it for my commute. 

Fun Fact: For months, I used to see the exact same Peugeot, color and everything, but the "boy" version, locked up all over my neighborhood. I called it my bike's boyfriend. One stars-aligning ride to work I finally saw the guy riding it ahead of me. I caught up at a stop sign and told him, "Hey! Our bikes are dating!" He totally understood. If I'd been single at the time, that would have been a really good meet-cute. 


Bike:  I ride a Univega from the 1980s (I think).

Route: I bike from the Mission to Hayes Valley almost every day for work. 

Fun Fact: I got my bike at a yard sale in Providence, Rhode Island for $25! (Best $25 I've ever spent.)


Bike: My dream boat bike – a super cute teal Atala frame converted to a single speed.

Route: From Alamo Square.

Fun Fact: My favorite ride is out to Ocean Beach for some Trouble coffee then back through the park before work – reminds me how perfect SF is for biking!


Bike: 1974 Schwinn LeTour. My bike was given to me as a gift by a friend because I dreamed of riding a Yellow Schwinn. (P.S. In case you're wondering about my back wheel, I sadly got a flat on my way to work today.)

Route: I ride from Divisadero.

Fun Fact: I helped found the San Jose Bike Party and San Francisco Bike Party – both monthly rides that celebrate community through biking. The San Jose Bike Party started in 2007 with 25 riders and now there are bike parties across the world from Sacramento to Washington D.C. to Sao Paulo Brazil and Seoul.



Bike: An '80s Centurion child's mixte frame converted to a single speed. 

Route: I mostly bike from my house to MacArthur BART in Oakland, because bikes aren't allowed on trains when I need to commute, but I'll bring it into the city when I know I'll be around SF after 7 p.m.

Fun Fact: I bought my bike on eBay almost 10 years ago for a trip to Kyoto with my then boyfriend. We were traveling there for a cycling event, so I converted it to a single speed for a ease of transport. Things didn't go so well on the trip – the frame has scars from airline mishandling and the romance went sour. I promptly dumped the boyfriend after the trip (never go on an international vacation with someone you've only dated for less than six months), but I'm glad to report that my bike and I are still happy together.


Bike: No idea. It was the cheapest used mountain bike I could find at the bike shop. I've never once used it on a mountain.

Route: From 21st & Dolores. Yeah, that hill's a motherfucker.

Fun Fact: About six months after I bought my used bike, I found someone had stuck a handwritten note under my seat. The note was written from a guy who said this was actually his stolen bike!! As proof, he said it used to have clips, which was totally true, I had removed them after I bought the bike. I called him up and we determined that yes, it was his bike and the bike shop probably bought it no questions asked. He didn't expect it back because he had moved to LA, where no one bikes anyways. Yeah – he was living in LA, visited SF for the weekend, and happened to spot his stolen bike on the sidewalk!



Bike: A vintage Univega mixte

Route: From the end of the Panhandle on Oak. (I'm so happy a new bike lane just got installed on Oak!)

Fun Fact: I used to live by Ocean Beach and would bike six miles to work everyday. I would see this same woman in her 50s every now and then during my ride. We usually just wave to each other, but one day we started talking and it turns out she bikes in from Brisbane every morning! I was thoroughly impressed and never complained about my commute again. I hope to be in her shape when I'm that age.


Bike: Specialized Sirrus

Route: From Fair Oaks in the Mission

Fun Fact: My bike is really fast and has a hamburger bell!