The guys behind B4D TV are turning true-ish confessions from "real" LA hipsters into 30 second videos. The videos are written and directed by Michael Livingston with help from his comedy partner in crime, Raul Villarreal. They are some kind of evil geniuses and have figured out that 30 seconds is the exact right length of time a person can listen to someone who self identifies as a hipster before they start wanting to murder them. OK, it might still be a few seconds too long.

I think most of us are guilty of doing something in a pathetic attempt to look cool at some point or another, but luckily the people in this video aren't me (or actual people?) so I can laugh at them and not feel bad about myself. B4D TV plans to put out new videos every Tuesday. You can even submit your own confessions in the comments section and if B4D TV likes them enough, they'll film it.

Check out some of the goodness here: