Photo by Thomas Hawk 

The apocalypse has finally arrived in the Bay Area in the form of the BART strike. And while you might have spent all of last night fretting about how you were going to get to work in the morning and all of this morning grumbling about how much you hate all public transit, just know that there is actually a silver lining to all of this madness. Five silver linings, in fact. 

1. It's a Great Day to Ride Your Bike to Work 

It's a beautiful day in San Francisco. In fact it's the perfect day to say "F you right back" to public transportation and take your commute into your own hands. For those of you who live in the city, dust off that ol' Schwinn and give her a tour of the neighborhood. You'll feel better about life. 

2. Or You Might Just Work From Home 

And if you are indeed working from home right now, then you are probably sitting in bed, un-showered and naked, eating leftovers. Or is that just me?

3. Breathe Deep With a Day Off From BART Smells 

A day without BART is also a day without poop-clogged escalators and BART crazies. It's a glorious day when you don't have to shove yourself into a packed car or get trodden on when everyone exits at Montgomery. Amen. 

4. Because You've Never Taken the Ferry Before

A huge body of water divides the city from the East Bay, and yet, many of us have never taken a ferry anywhere. If you must make the trek from your East Bay abode to your cubicle in the city, then make today the day you take the ferry. Feel the wind in your hair while you careen under the Bay Bridge and laugh at all the suckers stuck in traffic. 

5. When the strike finally does end ... 

... you'll never be so happy to see BART again. And all will be forgiven. That is, until another transbay tube incident sets everyone back 30 minutes. 

Oh BART, I guess it'll always be a love hate relationship.