4155984646_0399ab8682_zPhoto by Jamison Weiser

new HBO drama/comedy featuring three gay friends in San Francisco has been given the green light by the television network. 

The dramedy, which stars Jonathan Groff (Glee), Frankie J. Alvarez (Smash) and Murray Bartlett (Damages) has been hailed as the gay version of Sex and the City and chronicles the three friends as they simultaneously try to find love and figure out their lives in the Mission. 

Groff will play a video game designer named Patrick, who runs into a few mishaps when he relies a little too much on OKCupid. 

Groff is hopeful that the show will represent all aspects of urban gay life. He told the San Francisco Chronicle, "We're all different types of people. There's lots of people who have anonymous sex. There's also people looking for love. There's people looking for an open relationship. There are also the queens. There are those you wouldn't know were gay. It's the gay experience."

It sounds almost too good to be true, which makes me rather skeptical about how authentic the portrayal of the lives of 30-somethings (gay or not) in SF can really be. With the Bay Area constantly in the news for rising rent prices, case examples of gentrification, and of course, the gay mecca of the United States, it's about time that we got our own drama, but the story of an artist, a restaurateur, and a techie living in San Francisco's trendiest neighborhood might play a lot more into people's stereotypes of our city rather than reality. 

There's hope yet. HBO took to heart the criticism surrounding season 1 of GIRLS and is attempting to make the show a little more ethnically diverse by casting a minority actor in a lead role. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this new HBO shows handles portrayal of SF life before we start grumbling.

The untitled show is set to release in 2014 and eight episodes are planned for the first season. Back in April, HBO crews were already caught filming the pilot around town, including at Flour + Water, Zuni, and Golden Gate Park.