Facing Change in San Francisco

Aug 19, 2013 at 6am

The Bold Italic explores shifts in style, place, and perspective 

There’s been much talk about change in San Francisco lately. Rents are soaring, neighborhood demographics are transforming, and parts of the Mission are unrecognizable from a decade ago. We’ve all read the local and national press about the ways tech culture and gentrification have impacted the city, and many of us have strong opinions about these issues as well.

But for better or for worse, no city stays anchored in time. It’s the nature of an urban landscape that everything from natural disasters to cultural evolutions and revolutions affects our lives. Rather than spend a week rehashing the familiar talking points, we decided to explore the nuances of the word “change” as it relates to San Francisco from different personal perspectives. 

After all, The Bold Italic itself is an agent for change. We’re an experiment in local media, and part of our mission is to creatively spark conversation about this city we love so much. We’re always looking for new viewpoints through which to think about San Francisco, and that means breaking our own ruts when it comes to examining what it means to live here.

We’re excited to share this Facing Change package for the week of August 19. Here’s a peek at what’s to come.

Monday: Adobe Book’s Andrew McKinley writes about moving his store – and the arts scene he’s helped instigate – to a new location. (Bonus: The Bold Italic’s first handwritten personal essay!)

Tuesday: An illustrated list of notable changes in San Francisco over the last decade.

Wednesday: Hairy situations: how a shift in style can alter your perception of someone.

Thursday: We explore past and future San Francisco through the local plant population; plus vintage photos from the Mission District collected by the Western Neighborhoods Project.

Friday: Taking back San Francisco: using the hacking mentality to turn empty buildings into arts spaces and vibrant nonprofits.

Stay tuned for future content collections to come, including a series of Love Letters to San Francisco’s Underappreciated in September.

If you have any feedback on these or any other stories, we’d love to hear from you at info@thebolditalic.com.

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