You're looking at the graphic Lauren Fahey made to accompany her Craigslist ad to find a room in SF. According to the Curbed comments section, the graphic (and a bottle of wine) worked and she's already found one. I can't decide if this is a harmless or a massively depressing sign of the times. On the one hand, it can be ridiculously hard to win the SF housing Hunger Games, but on the other I'm not sure if this is really something anyone should have to consider doing the next time they need to move. 

It's already those damn attractive, friendly people who are more likely to be picked as roommates. What effect is my lack of design skill and level of discomfort baring my midriff on Craigslist going to have on my likelihood of winning a room in an apartment? What does it mean for people like me who can be prickly on the outside, but are teamplayers when asked to help hide bodies or do other totally normal roommate stuff?

Of course I don't think it's Lauren's fault that she's so wholesome looking that her graphic could pass for the cover of a Christian magazine – I bet she is "really creative and fun." Her cute little ad just put me in a foul mood because it served as one more reminder of how competitive the housing market around these parts is. I guess I just have to toughen up since apparently all is fair in love, war, and finding an apartment.