It was 2:35 in the afternoon on October 15th when San Francisco resident, Colin Caufield, had successfully parked his car near Oakland's Jack London Square. What he didn’t know, was that he was moments away from an encounter that would change his life forever, and for the very best. As he walked away from his amazing park-job* he saw a man on a motorcycle, partially eclipsing what appeared to be an animal riding on the front of it.

Caufield explains, "I just, I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I moved around him to confirm. And yeah! There was this dog straddling the gas tank of the motorcycle! And he had on a little dog helmet and goggles. I took a photo, and then I asked permission to take a photo. The guy was like ‘Yeah man, watch this,’ and smoked his back tire. Then he peeled out and the dog was just, you know, “holding” the handlebars as they rode off. It was fucking incredible.”

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