Whilst in SF: Halloween Edition

Oct 31, 2013 at 6am

Yeah Halloween! Obviously, this is San Francisco's favorite and most-prepared-for holiday, given that we spend what seems like half the year in costume anyway. I've collaborated a couple times with San Francisco's funniest (and most accurate) Tumblr, Whilst in SF, and so to celebrate, I've put together a special Whilst-esque collection of SF moments featuring gifs from scary movies. (And Hocus Pocus, but does anyone really have a problem with that?)

Every time my plane descends back into SF

The first night with a new Craigslist Roommate

When Bi-Rite opened on Divis

The morning after a night at Martuni's

When my Lyft driver takes Van Ness at rush hour

Taking a class at 4505 Meats

Going on a date with a foodie

The first time I tried kombucha

When my friend catches me trying to pull
an "Irish Goodbye" 

Mentally calculating first month +
last month's rent + deposit

What I mean when I order a rare
burger at... anywhere

Passing the window at State Bird Provisions

Getting used to SF's temperate climate 

When you're at an old Victorian that has those
glass doorknobs that don't really work

Listening to my server at NOPA tell me the specials

Trying to warn other passengers getting on the
"smelly" car of the train

Two hours into waiting for a table at Zazie, 
my stomach's just like

The general gist of Folsom Street Fair

Passing the window at State Bird, again

Realizing I forgot to mail my rent

When my roommate smells me using their 
fancy body wash in the shower

When your friend is about to eat something
neither organic nor local

How I probably look when I dance at Madrone

Listening to someone tell me about the 
awesome app they're developing

When my friend took his shoes off in
the TL last Halloween, I was just like

When your ex is sitting at your communal table

How I imagine most Tinder dates end

When you overhear someone calling it "San Fran"

The dangers of eating al fresco in Union Square

Trying to sleep through my roommate having sex

When a hippie tries to break up a fight on MUNI

When I come back from vacation and realize 
my plant survived

When Tartine runs out of morning buns

For more of the original, check out Whilst in SF.

Hero photo by Neil Howard

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