Photos by Noah Christman

We here at The Bold Italic are big fans of city exploration, so we are extremely impressed with a new app created by SPUR and the developer Escape Apps. It's called SF's Secret Spaces and Hidden Oases and it helps you find privately owned, publicly accessible spaces. SPUR is a non-profit organization that focuses on urban planning and education. Since there are so few public parks in downtown SF, SPUR put together a map of 50 special spots to uncover. 


It's easy to fall into a routine of eating sad desk lunches, but in a city with so much to explore, it would really be a shame not to take a curious stroll every now and then. The list of hidden places has an underground waterfall and a living bamboo forest for crying out loud! The app also offers directions including secret stairwells and some descriptions of what each site has to offer – so go on and get exploring.