The woman behind the feminist wedding site, Meg Keene is on a mission to document brides who choose to wear pants on their wedding days to highlight how that is totally a thing women can do if they want. The project is called 1,000 Brides in Pants and Keene explains that she "really, truly, wants to collect 1,000 photos of women wearing pants to their wedding, and maybe, just maybe, change the conversation."

If you're curious about the history of women wearing pants like I was, here is a handy dandy timeline.

Courtesy of A Practical Wedding

If you agree that "the fact that most of us don’t consider pants a serious wedding option points to just about everything wrong with the wedding industry today" and you or someone you know wore pants at their wedding like a total badass, please submit your photo by Twitter (with #bridesinpants), email APW, or submit directly on the site. APW plans on publishing one "Bride In Pants" story per month and also puts awesome submissions and "pantspiration" on their Brides in Pants Tumblr.

Main image courtesy of Chrissy Long