QuizUp is a new social trivia game app. It currently includes over 250 categories of quizzes including Sex and the City and World War II. Heads up: Sex and the City is really hard. The idea is simple enough but it's dialed into something people are truly passionate about: appearing to be smarter than their friends. 

Each game of trivia is played in real-time against a friend or a random opponent. You have 10 seconds to answer each multiple choice question and the entire round lasts only a few minutes. The short length of games makes it a really good source of entertainment during small chunks of time like waiting for a bus. Plus, the games are actually pretty interesting as far as teaching players about things they would not otherwise learn.

I don't normally like playing games on my phone, but QuizUp is addictive. If Candy Crush isn't giving you the thrill it used to, QuizUp could be your new drug of choice. The trivia will also only get better over time as more people join because users are allowed to contribute new content and build up the amount of trivia available to all players. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Sorry Android users, your version of the game is still in the works.