Although it's hard for me to take Google Glass seriously as an accessory, I have been curious to see what kind of projects artists and designers would be creating with the device once they get their hands on a pair. After all, we've been given the humorous everyman perspective from writers like Gary Shteyngart, who wrote a great piece for the New Yorker about walking around wearing the wonky device. But if you want to see Google Glass as a tool, instead of worrying about it making you look like a tool? What are the possibilities there? 

The above video (which I stumbled upon via Mashable) is one answer to that question. Catch was created by a group of filmmakers in New York led by Tu Uthaisri, using 1,000 different photos and drawings (and, I imagine, lots of hand soap) over four days. 

If you have other examples of interesting films and shorts shot with Google Glass, please share. I'd be curious to see them.