By Jessica Saia

Downton Abbey, or as your mom calls it, Downtown Abbey, returns to torrent-illiterate Americans this Sunday and damn, it looks like grief does a body good. Based on these strikingly modern promo shots, it seems Season 4 is going to have more six-packs than Tom Branson's brother's ice box. 

Something does seem a bit off with the photo of Mr. Barrow though... it's almost as if some sick pervert waded through the hellish pool of license-free "male model shirtless" photos on Flickr and did a mediocre job photoshopping his head onto one of them. Why would someone do that? Just because "abbey" has the word "ab" in it? Surely that can't be it.

I'm Laura Linney Jessica Saia, and this is Masterpiece Classic not disturbing at all.