Photo courtesy of Reddit user DorkusPrime 

Here's what's going on: A week ago these little girls sold a Redditor a snickerdoodle in exchange for bitcoin, Buzzfeed reported an account that might belong to the girls has made about $70, Jezebel called them "the most San Francisco kids ever", and Motherboard said they were Girl Scouts but they actually probably aren't. Girl Scouts don't sell snickerdoodles. Duh.

I of course have many questions I'd like to ask these young girls. For example, when they messed up the writing on their signs, why not just get a new sheet of paper? I also can't help but wonder if these small humans know much about alternative currencies or if they were furious at their mom or dad for putting that ugly QR code on their beautiful "shoppe". Regardless, Mia and Taylor are now part of the growing group of business that happily accept bitcoin. Read this whole post and still don't really know what bitcoins are? Learn more about the decentralized currency by watching our recent panel on the topic here.