Google's autocomplete function generally brings out a couple odd and entertaining searches every time, so it was interesting to see the tool's most popular fill-in-the-blanks by state. According to Amazing Maps, the highest searched state related query for California was "Why is California so expensive." Yeah, why? (The answers covered issues ranging from jobs to pricey gasoline). That question was followed in search popularity by:

This was compared to Oregon, which got "Why is Oregon so good" as its top hit (what does that even mean?). And at least we didn't get the judgy questions other states got pounded by (Why is [state] so backwards/boring/bad/haunted(!?!?).

I did some random SF neighborhood searches and found safety and fog to be the general concerns people have when they're Googling our 'hoods. 

If you've come across some entertaining autocomplete searches recently, share them in the comments section. 

State map from Amazing Maps/ The Atlantic