You know, it's about time we stopped taking everything tech related so damn seriously all the time and had reasons to laugh at, with, and about the startup culture around us. This spring, HBO is launching a new series by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-Head, Office Space, King of the Hill) called Silicon Valley that plunders the world of techies for laughs. The trailer makes the show look pretty awesome already – it's a huge step up from the last "comedy" someone tried to air about the Valley, Amazon's sad sack of shtick, Betas

Silicon Valley kicks off its eight episode run on April 6. And in the meantime, I'll suggest another brilliant comedy about tech geeks that's streaming on Netflix. The IT Crowd is a British show from back in 2006 starring Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayode as two totally nerdy dudes working in the dungeon of a big corporation that understands nothing about computers, or the people they hired to fix them. One fan turned his favorite IT Crowd moments into this highlight reel, posted below. Here's hoping Silicon Valley is just as irreverent and funny.