UC Berkeley's Daily Clog recently ran a poll asking students their majors and how much sex they have. No, The Clog wasn't doing any deep anthropological research, they were just curious if "any humorous correlations appeared." (I'm not judging – I'm a big fan of silly polls for the sake of shits and giggles.) Still, the poll revealed some interesting data. The most surprising info from the survey is that kids aren't doing it as much as you'd think – of the 732 Cal students who were polled, 35% admitted they'd never had sex. Seems like a lot of virgins, right?

Other results from the survey: 

The departments with the most virgins from the survey were engineering (52.6%) and business (33.3%) majors.

Math majors got the most regular play*, with 24.2% of 33 claiming to have sex "Every day. Without fail." 

See more results from Daily Clog's sex survey on their site.

*Unless you count the one male Women's Studies major who also said he had sex on the daily.

All pie charts via Daily Clog; top image via Thinkstock