Last night's episode of Girls was an intense mix of happy and sad. But before I break into my weekly mental masturbation, allow me to start with the basics:

Title: "Incidentals"

Nudity: A wee bit of nip in the bath tub.

Best line: "I'm not what you would call a One Tree Hill fan, but I have seen every episode." – Elijah

Last night's Girls was another put-all-the-characters-together-in-one-room episode. This pleases me.

What doesn't please me is Jessa doing coke with a guy in the running to be America's next top creepy dude. And seeing Jessa take money from her work made me supremely sad. That's not the kind of thing that gets a slap on the wrist; her employer could press charges.

It's interesting how quickly I forgot that although Jessa technically went to rehab, she got kicked the fuck out of rehab. Going isn't the same thing as completing. She'd basically only dipped her toe in the rehab pool so I'm not exactly sure why I was feeling so hopeful about her sobriety. Good job toying with my emotions, Girls.

On the brighter side, Patti LuPone as the diva voice of God was lovely. It was cute that she claimed to only have five minutes for an interview, but then when the two of them started to talk Broadway shop she suddenly had the time to drop truth bombs like, "There's a lot of weirdos out there, honey. The Elephant Man got laid a lot."

I'm glad to see Marnie and Ray are kaput. Turns out it's hard to be with someone you don't really like. Who would have thought it? Oh yeah, everyone. Please note that this is the second time Marnie has been dumped immediately following pizza. Later, when Marnie walked into the hotel room all crazed post-breakup, I remembered that Hannah is bad at lot of things, but girl knows when to shut up and give someone a hug. 

Last but not least, shout out to Elijah's capri pant things and Marnie's hug with Soojin that bordered on assault.

Need a reason for living? I will be giving my two cents on all this season's episodes. Check back for a new one every Monday.  

Image via Girls Facebook Page