Last fall, Dennis Lafargue and Elizabeth Wisdom got engaged after meeting through Instagram. The blogosphere blew up because, duh, this is pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a meet cute. He loved her photos! He started liking everything! They started talking! Now they’re getting married in her grandma’s barn!

Cue all of the “Awwws.”

I, however, wasn’t totally buying it. More interesting to me than how totally adorable these two are was the fact that they met online, but in a totally unconventional way. I suggested that people who are currently creating online dating sites and apps should look to this kismet-y, romantic, unexpected way of meeting and learn from it.

Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one thinking that this love story was a potential business opportunity. Introducing Glimpse, the app that asks, “Does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile?”

One of the biggest complaints about version 1.0 of online dating sites (think, OkCupid, eHarmony) is that filling out those long profiles is a) annoying, b) takes too damn long, and c) might not be all that effective. Glimpse does away with the profile (almost) entirely by asking you to only enter your gender, birthday, and sexual orientation.

“Does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile?”

Then the fun part begins: choosing which of your Instagram photos you want to share with your potential mates. One of them is your profile pic and then you have the choice of nine more to convey your specially curated brand of, well, you. Because, ultimately, isn’t that what Instagram is all about? We’ve seen time and again that, more than any other app, Instagram is used to create a very specific version of real life

And that is why Glimpse is totally genius: Instagram curation closely mirrors the number one thing we do in real life when we first start dating. We present our filtered selves so that someone will think we’re the greatest. We do stuff like hold in farts for three months, brush our teeth before our bedmate wakes up, and only wear sexy underwear.

Glimpse allows you to take that non-farting version of yourself and put it out there in search of someone else who loves brunch and beaches without actually having to say you love brunch and beaches. (Because, let’s be real: Who doesn’t love brunch?)

The site is currently available by invitation only, but if your answer to “Does your Instagram says more about you than any dating profile ever could?” is a resounding Hell yes, then head over and get in on the ground floor.