When people say "SF street performer," former Valencia Street guitar legend Omer Travers comes to many San Franciscan's minds. But before Omer serenaded the Mission (and eventually left us for Arizona), there was the Space Lady, aka Susan Dietrich. This experimental street performer first made appearances in the Castro and the Haight in the late '70s/early '80s. She got her name from her otherwordly hats and her eerily beautiful renditions of pop songs played on accordion and Casiotone keyboard. Although she eventually become an acclaimed outsider musician, Space Lady moved to Colorado around 2000 when her marriage ended, and seemingly disappeared from the music scene. For ten years she was a minor blip on the radar of underground music lovers and critics, but she's recently reemerged and has a new album out of her early recordings. And now, she's returning to the Bay Area to play her first club performance in the city.  

The Space Lady is playing at the Elbo Room on Friday, March 14. 

Why should you care? Because San Francisco has always been a place for weirdos, outsiders, and eccentrics, and we should remember and revere this part of who we were – and hopefully – will always be. And if that means nothing to you, maybe these two videos below, of past and more recent Space Lady performances, will convince you to pay the $8 to see this unique blast from SF's fringe past.