Of all the things I could imagine spending $7,000 on, a beard isn't one of them. And it's not because I'm a woman. It's because it sounds ridiculous. But obviously people are willing to throw down to add hair to their eyelashes, so why not their chins, right? Nope, still sounds crazy. But according to the NY Post, Brooklyn men will stop at nothing to look like woodsmen, paying a couple month's rent to add bushiness to their beards. One doctor they quoted flushes out cheeks and chins three times a week, working on men who formerly had to use an eyebrow pencil to get that sensitive folkster look. For those who want just a little fill-in work, DNAinfo reports those services cost $3,000. 

There are some very real reasons people go with the transplants – men with serious scarring on their faces and female-to-male transgender patients are both cited as clients. But as a fashion accessory, mustaches just seem much cheaper. You can make such a statement with a tiny line of hair.

Photo via Thinkstock