Today KTVU reported that SF's Bushman has passed away. Gregory Jacobs, who got his nickname from scaring the bejesus out of unsuspecting Fisherman's Wharf visitors by jumping out of bushels of handheld shrubbery, died last Sunday from heart failure. Sad news! 

KTVU explains that Jacob's passing may not have quickly been noted because there are two Fisherman's Wharf Bush Men. Jacobs concurrently shared the title of Bush Man with another foliage-carrying Wharf eccentric, David Johnson, who's been scaring the poop out of tourists for 36 years. Johnson told KTVU that he and Jacobs had fought over the Bushman title and best spots over the years, but that in the last decade had reconciled and been friends.

Jacobs was originally from Arkansas and his family is currently trying to raise money to bury him there. If you'd like to help, you can send donations to Duggans Funeral home, 3434 17th St. SF, CA 94110. 

Photo by nan palmero via Flickr