There’s just something about Nicolas Cage. Whether you love to hate on him for his baffling resume or even more baffling hairpieces, you can’t deny the man has left a mark on internet pop culture. And if you wanted more confirmation of Cage’s iconoclast status, besides your friends quoting Wicker Man, look no further than the upcoming Nicolas Cage art show.

Local DJ/event planner Ezra Croft was so taken by the Cage mystique, he recently updated his website to announce he’s hosting a collection of art pieces that truly demonstrate the “raw, unfiltered power” of Nicolas Cage. As the poster clearly states: Yes. This is real.

Thankfully, Croft sees the all potential fun to be had by having Nicolas Cage-centric artwork that aren’t limited to memes. The Facebook page calls for submissions to join the majesty, already has a couple local artists featured on its website, and promises to feature drawings, paintings, and digital art pieces that’ll make you want to enter the Cage.

But the real question is, will Nicolas Cage himself make an appearance? Despite his prolific online presence, Cage doesn’t have a formal Twitter or Facebook. In a chat with SF Weekly, Croft feels confident that word will trickle down through the powers-that-be and not to rule out Cage showing up all together, yet.

The show will be held at Balaçoire, Saturday April 12th, boasting a full bar and music – if you still needed convincing. And if you’re interested in submitting your best Face/Off artwork or purchasing advance tickets, you can contact Ezra Croft directly here.