Things that I love:

1)   Dating and hookup apps.

2)   Things that distract me during the workday.

3)   Love.

That’s why I’m currently laughing hysterically as I play with the Match Machine, a fun little toy from MTV that claims to analyze your Facebook account and reveal your one and only.

Like practically all apps these days, you have to let Match Machine access your FB profile in order for it to work. It then goes in and scans your activity, likes, interests, and friends and gives you a suspiciously fast result.

The first time I ran it, the Match Machine gave me my boyfriend, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Also, impressive considering we’re not FB official. We are, however, a couple of techies who spend way too much time online so I guess there are more than enough data points there for Facebook to make the connection.

It then gives you the option (to my BF’s displeasure) to re-run your options without your initial match, and that’s where the fun starts. My subsequent suggestions included a former roommate, a colleague, a good friend, and my aunt’s best friend from college.

Oh, the silliness of Facebook.

Unfortunately, the app seems to stop working after matching you with three men and three women, leaving our poly brethren potentially out in the cold. It also only matches you with “men” or “women,” so the programmers clearly didn’t take Facebook’s new genderqueer options into account. Lastly, it seems to narrow things down based on your location, so all you long distance lovers may be outta luck as well.

In the end, you probably shouldn’t make any huge life decisions based on who the MTV Match Machine says is your real true love. You should, however, stop whatever you’re doing and go play for a few minutes. If nothing else, I promise you’ll have a good laugh.