If you're looking for something that really defies the norm this weekend, I highly suggest hitting Steven Wolf Fine Arts on Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. The gallery is hosting a goofy experimental artist who paints (and mixes drinks) from a treadmill together with an experimental record label. The treadmiller is LA artist John Kilduff, who's earned a cult following for his absurdist humor and Let's Paint TV show (pictured above). While in town, his focus is on creating a lo-fi record store, featuring cardboard representations of vinyl shop paraphernalia. His work should be a perfect match for local art punk label Superior Viaduct, home to records by the Residents and DEVO. They'll be hosting live performances during the course of the exhibit as well as sweet black and white photos of '70s rockers and legends like William Burroughs from Ruby Ray.

All the deets you'll need are here. The exhibit runs through April 12, but I'm thinking the live experience on Saturday night is the one to shoot for.