Last night's episode of Girls offered a lot of extended family drama. Here's what we're dealing with:

Title: "Flo"

Nudity: Grandmother was pronounced to be "naked and dying" in the hospital, although we only saw her clothed and sickly.

Best line: "Do you think you're that funny? You're not that funny." – Rebecca (Hannah's cousin) to Hannah

We meet Hannah's aunts, cousin, and "Grandma Flo-job" in this episode, and they're all difficult people right off the bat. In defense of the aunts, dividing up the possessions of the dead (or soon to be dead) is a very real situation, and I'm not entirely sure how anyone avoids being gross and tacky while doing it. Well – if we're splitting hairs, they could have waited to talk possessions 'til the woman died.

It's not surprising that Hannah's family is full of wretches, but I wasn't expecting her cousin Rebecca to be so gruff. At first I found Rebecca's self importance and the way she chopped Hannah down refreshing, but later, when Hannah attempted to be cordial and Rebecca didn't reciprocate, I stopped being a fan. Being salty for saltiness sake isn't noble, and I wasn't impressed by the cousin's ability to make fun of writers. It's not hard to take us down – we're sensitive.

Because I can't let things go, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that the same Hannah who said that Shosh wasn't an intellectual sounded a lot like Shosh at her most shallow when she asked Rebecca if there were any hotties in med school. I understand Hannah may have been attempting to do "girl talk" and failed, à la Miss Congeniality, but it was just one more reminder that Hannah ain't better than Shosh.

In addition to plenty of cousin-on-cousin emotional harm, there was a lot of advice being thrown around last night. First Grandma Flo warns Hannah that every married person will eventually want their spouse to die an extremely violent death (kind of badass, no?), and then Hannah's mom gets real about Adam and Hannah riding off into the sunset together. Maybe being cooped up in a hospital heightened everyone's mortality awareness and made them run their mouths with more urgency. 

Mrs. Horvath's warnings to Hannah to keep her dating options open seemed to come from a place of genuine concern, but her timing was terrible. I agree that Adam doesn't always seem comfortable in his own skin, but I also haven't forgotten that he was the one feeding Hannah her pills a month or two ago. Plus, he showed up at the hospital after her punk ass sent him a text that just said, "Car crash!"

And that little aside about Hannah gaining 15 pounds did not go unnoticed. Nu-uh. I was basically up half the night wondering if that extra weight was caused by her eating all those free Kind bars at the GQ office, or if she gained 15 because she's drowning in work, or maybe she just has that weird weight that shows up whenever the fuck it wants to and makes itself comfortable on your hips. Is my crazy showing? I don't really care.

Need a reason for living? I will be giving my two cents on all this season's episodes. Check back for a new one every Monday.  

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