Twitter is about to get the coolest dining room in San Francisco. Two words: log cabins.

That’s right, Twitter headquarters are getting an interior facelift to match their new logo and office, in the Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart landmark building on Market Street. Olle Lundberg, of Lundberg Design, is responsible for the reused touches that are already present in Twitter's new digs. From # and @ symbols routed in slabs of raw wood, to the Twitter logos made from old California license plates, it’s this spirit of reuse and reclamation that brought on the idea to cover the gutted floor space of the casual dining areas with 20-by-20 foot, 100-year-old cabins.

The homesteader buildings were found in the same manner most people find their coffee table or couch: Craigslist. Lundberg purchased the cabins for an undisclosed price from Novato contractor Karl Beckmann, who salvaged the cabins from several Montana ranches a few months ago.

After some convincing on Lundberg’s end, the cabins were disassembled and shipped off to be spruced up, before making their final trip to Twitter HQ. Once installed, they’ll serve as rooms within a room, adding a sense of privacy in a typically impersonal space – a lodge if you will. Which fits into the established woodsy theme throughout the office. The rooms within the cabins will have a place for employees to sit, chat, or watch TV on one of four monitors.

I'm sure the finished project is beautiful, and it’s nice that Twitter is making efforts to highlight different and exciting ways to reuse material, but the SEIU, who recently picketed in front of Twitter HQ, probably won't be convinced that spending money on these cabins is a good idea. And for the rest of the workers in the city, many of whom will still be eating lunch in boring, old breakrooms, does this sound like a case of Trying Too Hard? Or will we all be hitting up Twitter friends for lunch in the near future? 

Photo by Ron Orman Jr. via Thinkstock